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Equipped and Effective Employability Workshops
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OPt-IN Programme

Overview: Our Opt-In programme has been specifically created to provide 16-19-year-olds, who are not in education, employment, or training with realistic development options that are both open to them, and, just as importantly align to their unique skills (both those known and those identified during the programme), interests, and passion. The aim is for participants to explore all possible options available to them, with the reinforcement of the message that to move forward, they need to OPt-IN, engage, explore, and take ownership of their career/development journey.

Objective: Engage and provide practical support/guidance to transition participants from being N.E.E.T to B.E.E.T (being in education, employment, and training). This is ultimately achieved by clear identification of skills/qualities, introducing and developing self-leadership skills, examining self-awareness capabilities as well as ability to identify study/career paths that align to skills, passion, and interests. The result being, the building of a detailed future planning roadmap, with the first step being embarked upon before the end of the course.


Benefits:  Participants are made aware of realistic and achievable developmental opportunities available to them that align with their interests, passion, or skillset; thus resulting in increased engagement. Several soft skills are introduced throughout the programme, benefiting participants during and post the programme, such as our self-leadership segment that equips our learners with tools and strategies to both set and achiever SMARTER goals, thus resulting in a higher follow-through rate as participants work through their future planning roadmap and ultimately reduce the NEET demographic within the borough.

Duration:  6 2-hour workshops delivered over a course of 6 weeks.

Delivery Format: Face to Face. Live virtual delivery (webinar) with a maximum of 12 learners per cohort.

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Employability Refreshed

Overview:  A programme designed to both support and equip residents (35 -55 years old) within Local Authorities who have been out of employment for a period of time and would benefit from an employability refresh that enables them to submit polished applications, confidently present at interviews, and, ultimately thrive once employment has been gained.  Each program member is assessed individually and a tailored employability plan is crafted to support their return to work, such as a skills bank assessment, application suitability, soft skills development, CV creation, good interview techniques, future proof self-development plan (where applicable).

Objective: Equip and empower returners to the workforce to be effective job hunters in today’s competitive employment market, introduce/develop core practical skills, crucial soft skills that enable our members to be successful in both securing employment and an increased sense of self-belief.

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Benefits: Local residents receive tailored support to return to work, job matching exercises are realistic in order to manage expectations, suitable training opportunities are shared with members to introduce/encourage self-development methods. Members of the programme leave the course with a plethora of new skills providing them with a renewed sense of self-belief that motivates them to apply for more roles, which inevitably increases their chances of gaining employment.

Duration: 2-hour interactive workshops delivered weekly for 12 weeks.

Delivery Format: Face to face delivery in a suitable environment within the Local authority area, 12 members per cohort.

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CPD Accredited Corporate Ready Progammes

Overview: Ideal course of modules for those seeking to gain mid-level administrative employment within corporations/public service/third sector, our modules provide the practical sound knowledge base and the crucial soft skills resource bank required to be 100% corporate ready, effective, and efficient. The programme contains 4 fully interactive and engaging modules: Data Management & Efficiency, Executive Presentations, Executive Presence & Communications, and Corporate Governance & Ethics, our CV review and interview techniques and mock interview workshop are available as an addendum. Each module can be delivered independently or as a collective program.

Objective: Prepare and equip participants with the required skills to gain a thorough understanding of what it is to be a value-added administrative employee, on paper, and in person. Empower participants to confidently apply for administrative vacancies and having provided them with a solid foundation they have the option to further build and develop within their careers.


Benefits: Noticeably increased skillset providing the ability to apply to the wider remit of vacancies, ultimately increasing the opportunities to gain employment. Increased self-confidence levels are gained via the interactive exercises that are core to the programme as they enable participants to practice core learnings within a safe environment, receive immediate feedback which both promotes continuous improvement, resulting in increased self-confidence. The completion of the programme will result in a recognised CPD certificate in the core areas of administration.

Duration: Each module is 2 full days, the addendum workshop is 1.5 days. The complete program is 9.5 days which is delivered over 5 weeks.

Delivery Format: Face to Face delivery only.

*Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality.

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