Bring Out The Leader In YOU

Overview: This is the ideal workshop for educational establishments that wish to prepare and equip their learners who are about to embark upon leadership roles (prefects, head boy/head girl, school/6th form/college council) within their establishment to be both effective leaders of themselves and others.

Objective: Introduce learners (yr10-13) to varying self-leadership styles, qualities, and skills required to be an effective leader of self and others. Enable students to recognise that they already possess leadership skills/qualities and work with them to establish practical ways to positively implement them whilst conveying that the skills/qualities they currently do not have can be developed. 


Benefits: Obtain a clear understanding of the varying skills and qualities required for good leadership. Students comprehend great leadership is a journey that requires both self-reflection, listening to constructive feedback, and ensuring active self-development, which translates into increased positive engagement with peers and teachers. Ultimately learners are equipped with a framework that will enable them to be effective leaders of self and others.

Duration: 2-hour interactive workshop. A 1-hour follow up session is available as an addendum and consists of undertaking situational analysis, working through solutions to any challenges experienced using successfully proven techniques.

Delivery Format: Face to Face. Live virtual delivery (webinar). Online module via Google classrooms

Be Boldly Brilliant

Overview:  Our program of soft skill, confidence building workshops have been created to tackle what can only be described as an enforced identity crisis that young women are undergoing in today’s society. Via BBB we walk through, discuss, provide tools on how to identify, categorise, and respond to the overwhelming “societal pressure” being placed on young women today. The aim of which is to ensure that thoughts, feelings, and actions are emanated from a place of strong self-value, self-confidence, and self-determination to reach their full potential.

Objective: Introduce female learners (yrs 8-13) in tertiary education to the soft skills, strategies, and tools that will increase their confidence, support their emotional well being, and encourage self-value recognition.

Benefits: Increased female learners’ participation and self-confidence from an important developmental stage. The program introduces intangible yet crucial soft skills required to confidently convey their brilliance without doubt or hesitation, as well as be equipped and empowered to utilise the tools and strategies shared beyond their academic life, which is a vital factor as statistics have proven that it is at the very early stages of a woman’s career that they suffer from the greatest lack of self-confidence, our workshop aims to ensure female learners are just as confident in their abilities as their male counterparts by the time they enter into the workforce.

 Duration: 2-hour interactive workshops

Delivery Format: 6 soft skill workshops (Resilience, Leadership, Presenting with Purpose, Emotional Intelligence, Work Ethic & Goal Setting) delivered during the course of an academic year. For educational establishments that only seek to engage with one of the 6 workshops, this can be accommodated via an individual delivery of 2-hour workshops from the BBB program.

Soluman Consultancy’s Be Boldly Brilliant Program





                           Step Up & Stand Out


Overview: The perfect workshop to engage undergraduates with the due diligence they need to undertake as they prepare for internships/graduate programs, as we walk through core soft skill components; such as brand awareness, ability to clearly convey their value proposition and a review of the fundamental soft skills required to be an effective value-add contributor.

Objective: Equip 2nd and 3rd-year undergraduates with requisite skills to successfully define their personal brand, create and confidently communicate their personal value proposition as a means to highlight their USPs, and enable them to stand out from peers. Introduce undergraduates to vital soft skills required within the corporate world.

Benefits: Ability to successfully market themselves as a relevant brand, whilst understanding their core value proposition; resulting in the ability to clearly align their personal value proposition to the value eco-systems of varying sectors/organisations. Coupled with being equipped with the fundamental soft skills that are eagerly sought by organisations, they will be best placed not only to secure internships and placements on graduate programs but to also accelerate their rate of progress in their chosen field.

Duration: 2-hour fully interactive workshop

Delivery Format: Face to Face/Live virtual delivery (webinar).



                                      CEO of Me Inc.


Overview: A high impact and engaging course, working with young adults to identify, create, and package their personal brand and personal value proposition via active learning and interactive group activities.

Objective: Provide young adults (further education/PRU learners) with the skills and techniques to enable them to positively identify and successfully communicate their value proposition to varying audiences with confidence and clarity.  Enabling learners to align their skills and value proposition to appropriate career/study/entrepreneurial paths.

Benefits: Ability to articulate personal brand and value proposition, resulting in an enhanced sense of direction and clarity enabling participants to visualise and map out future study/career roadmaps; and in so doing significantly reduces the risk of learners falling into the NEET demographic.

Duration: 3 half-day Face 2 Face course/Virtual 12 week course

Delivery Format: Face to Face interactive workshops. Live virtual delivery (webinar/zoom). Self-pace virtual learning via google classrooms, supported with live zoom calls to maintain engagement, check-in, ask questions, and communicate with other learners.


We seek to support the Learners of today to be confident Leaders of self and others tomorrow

We believe everyone should realise & achieve their full potential