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Enabling all employees to reach their full potential
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The New Bold

Overview:  Statistics have proven that it is at the early stages of a woman’s career that they suffer from a lack of self-confidence and whilst women’s confidence levels do increase as more experience is gained, there are significant opportunities that would have been missed at the start of careers due to a lack of self-confidence, which undoubtedly should not be the case. This workshop has been specifically created for female employees who are in the early stages of their career to equip them with tools and strategies that will enable them to confidently share their value, increase their visibility, actively seek opportunities to demonstrate skillset and ultimately be key contributors to an organisation’s growth and development. 

Objective: Increase self-confidence of female employees in the early stages of their career by equipping them with self-empowering tools and strategies so that they self-promote their abilities, be confident in their authentic self and fully realise their potential at every stage of their career.


Benefits: Female employees become more “present” in the organisation, leading to a wider pool for the talent pipeline to be selected from, generating enhanced diversity of thought within teams/departments and the organisation as a whole.

Duration: 2-hour interactive workshop. 1 hour follow up session available as an addendum.

Delivery Format: Face to Face. Live virtual delivery (webinar).

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Successfully Navigating the Corporate Landscape

Overview: It is glaringly evident Black/Black Heritage and employees from ethnically diverse communities are faced with a different set of challenges within the corporate space.​ The challenges being faced frequently result in confidence levels being dampened and learning curves being made that much steeper. The workshop equips attendees with strategies and tools to effectively support them in their career trajectory, introduces recognised frameworks to empower them to take ownership of their career development, utilise all opportunities for growth available to them and ultimately increase their value add contribution to the organisation.

Objective: Provide positive tools and strategies to progressively overcome these specific challenges, whilst building confidence that enables attendees to succeed whilst being their authentic professional self.


Benefits: Employees from ethnically diverse communities are specifically supported to address unique challenges, support recieved empowers employees to confidently bring their authentic professional self to the workplace, use available resources to increase visibility and actively plan their career trajectory. All of which leads to increased diverse representation within the organisations and an increase in the retention of talented ethnically diverse employees.

Duration: 2-hour fully interactive workshop

Delivery Format: Face to Face. Live virtual delivery (webinar).

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