Services We Offer

Corporate Ready Seminars/Workshops

Employability Seminars/Workshops.

We run corporate ready workshops/seminars as a means to introduce students (yr 11 – undergraduates) to the fundamental stepping stones required to be corporate ready, whilst also introducing the key developmental components; such as networking, mentor opportunities, self development, career trajectory planning.
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Career Roadmapping & Career Coaching

We support individuals in mapping out a career roadmap that identifies core areas of development (ranging from professional, soft skill, managerial)
required to achieve their desired level of progression.

We provide a tiered career coaching programme, which encompasses a series of 90-minute face to face meeting, zoom video calls, email support and structured exercises to encourage and challenge, enabling our clients to confidently move to the next level in their career trajectory. Ready to take the next step? click on the link and select the right program for you.

Corporate Executive Training

Corporate Executive Training

SC’s bespoke CPD accredited training has been tailored to provide Executives with required skills and tools to support and propel career development for the 21st century global workforce market.

Training modules have been specifically designed to confidently boost delegates’ Corporate Brand and showcase global corporate aptitude in both local and global arenas.

Career Road-mapping

Business Admin Apprenticeship Accelerator

Our Business Admin Apprenticeship Accelerator Program has been designed to enable Business Admin apprentices to hit the ground running as we support them with the tricky areas of corporate soft skills, managing upwards, brand awareness and development, executive presentations and data analysis adaptation.