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Bold, Innovative Training Engagements
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Employability Seminars/Workshops.

We help Local Authorities to upskill local residents who are seeking administrative employment by delivering high impact, interactive workshops, as well as CPD, certified corporate efficiency programs so that they are equipped to confidently apply for administrative roles, present well at interviews and ultimately gain administrative employment within 6-8 months of completing the training.
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Career Roadmapping & Career Coaching

We support individuals in mapping out a strategic career roadmap that identifies the core areas of development (professional, soft skill, leadership)
required to achieve their desired level of progression.

Our tiered career coaching program, encompassing 90-minute face to face meetings, zoom video calls, email support, and structured tasks to encourage and challenge, enabling our clients to confidently move to the next level in their career trajectory.

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Entry/Rising Talent Soft Skills Training

Our accredited entry/rising talent soft skills training has been tailored to provide new entrants to the corporate world with the required skills and tools to support and propel career development for the 21st-century global workforce market.

Training modules have been specifically designed to confidently boost delegates’ Corporate Brand and showcase global corporate aptitude in both local and global arenas.

Our modules equip them to successfully manage the more complex areas of corporate soft skills, such as: managing upwards, brand awareness and development, executive presentations, and data analysis adaptation.

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Soft Skills Workshops for Educational Establishments

We help educational establishments (from tertiary to higher) introduce, equip, and empower learners with the vital soft skills required to support their holistic learning, both during and post their academic journey, soft skills such as active listening, presenting with confidence, collaboration skills, and self-leadership to name but a few.
Check out one of our workshops in action!
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