Gender Equity: From Entry-Level Talent to the Boardroom

Nurturing Gender Equity: From Entry-Level Talent to the Boardroom While the business world changes daily, some aspects remain fundamentally the same. Take gender equity, for example. Can we say significant progress has been made in achieving gender parity, especially at the senior leadership level? Achieving gender equity should be paramount [...]

Equitable Development Equation’: Transforming Corporations through Inclusivity, Talent Development, and Sustained Success

Equitable Development Equation: Transforming Corporations through Inclusivity, Talent Development, and Sustained Success. In the ever-evolving landscape of the corporate world, one thing remains constant: organizations that prioritize equity, inclusivity, and talent development are positioned for sustained success. This brings us to the concept of the "Equitable Development Equation." A strategic [...]

Quiet Hiring: The Silent Retention & Recruitment Strategy shaking up the workforce!

Quiet hiring is a world away from the bog standard recruitment practices. Let's think about the recruitment process within your organisation, what does it look like? Perhaps something like this: Draft job description Meet with HRBP Have group calls with recruiters Remind HRBP to post vacancy on internal job board [...]

How does your Spring Week help Entry talent to Blossom?

Spring Week Pressures Spring Week placements always seem to be like Gold-dust. First/second-year undergraduates put themselves through the wringer and apply en masse to a series of financial institutions. With the hope to be one of the lucky few to secure a Spring week placement. I recently supported candidates with [...]

How to Set Effective Boundaries @ Work

Do you know one of the most common phrases employees use? Well, let me share it with you; it’s “yeah, sure, no problem”. This overused phrase contributes to employees entering and then downing in that bottomless pit of “overwhelm”. Ultimately leads to burnout and career frustration. This is why setting [...]

How to Engage, Empower & Retain your Entry-Talent

The majority of rganisations are great at attracting Entry-Talent, but then struggle to retain their rising stars, so whilst attrition rates go up - the entry-level talent pool goes down. In this blog we explore how to buck this trend and engage, empower and retain the talent pipeline of an organisation.

Employability: Expectations vs. Reality

As new entrants embark upon their career trajectory, a few things become apparent quite quickly. Firstly, employee and employer are at opposing spectrums of the expectations/reality radar—the result? A negative experience for both parties. An employee becomes disengaged, the employer becomes frustrated with the employee, hardly a win-win situation! Simple [...]

Corporate Diversity = Corporate Success

With numerous global high profile campaigns ( ; ) a heightened lens is being placed upon diversity in the workplace, particularly at Board Level. It is therefore unsurprising that currently trending amongst many Blue – Chip organisations (Lloyds Banking Group, Standard Chartered PLC, RBS, Barclays) there is a desire to achieve increased [...]

Network Heaven

How do you get the most out of networking events? Firstly, one has to decipher the purpose of attending the event. Eight out of Ten times when the primary objective is to obtain as many sales lead as humanly possible networking becomes a regurgitated and extremely tired Sales pitch event. [...]