Quiet hiring is a world away from the bog standard recruitment practices. Let’s think about the recruitment process within your organisation, what does it look like? Perhaps something like this:

  • Draft job description
  • Meet with HRBP
  • Have group calls with recruiters
  • Remind HRBP to post vacancy on internal job board
  • Screen submitted CVs  (whilst sometimes wondering if the recruiter actually read the job spec)
  • Shortlist candidates
  • Synchronise interview dates with everyone involved
  • Commence the merry dance of interviewing candidates and being chased by recruiters. for feedback.

Sound familiar? Well, perhaps it is time to uncover the internal gems within your current workforce and let their dazzle shine bright. How do you do this?

Welcome to the clandestine world of Quiet Hiring—a stealthy trend revolutionizing the way we think about recruitment. Imagine this: a recruitment process where the buzz of job listings is replaced by the whisper of opportunities available.

It’s not just a hiring strategy; it’s a mindset, a delicate dance between organizations and talent, creating a harmonious melody of growth and satisfaction. Ready to delve deeper into this relatively new recruitment revolution?


What is Quiet Hiring, Anyway?

Quiet hiring is the hush-hush art of spotting talent and creating opportunities without the noisy fanfare of public job postings. It’s about recognizing the gems already within the organization, nurturing them, and strategically placing them where their skills sparkle the brightest. In short, it’s the optimum method to plug the skills gap within your organisation whilst retaining the very best talent currently in situ.


The Win-Win Dance:  Beneficial for Everyone

For the Organization: Quiet hiring isn’t just about filling roles; it’s about cultivating a garden of talent. By giving existing employees the chance to shine in new roles, organizations harness skills that are already finely tuned, ensuring efficiency from day one. It’s like upgrading your favorite software—you get all the familiarity with a shiny set of new features. In short, the benefits for the organisation can be summarised below:

  1. Saves Time and Money: Quiet hiring cuts through the noise of traditional recruitment, saving you time and resources.
  2. Maximizes Current Talent: It taps into the potential of your existing team, letting them shine in roles that suit their skills and passions.
  3. Boosts Retention: When employees see opportunities for growth within the company, they’re more likely to stick around.
  4. Encourages Loyalty: Employees who feel valued and challenged are more loyal to your organization.

For the Workforce: Imagine being in a workplace where your talents are not just recognized but celebrated. Quiet hiring gives employees the chance to leap into roles where their skills are valued, providing them with the growth ladder they’ve been yearning for. It’s a chance for them to spread their wings and soar within the familiar confines of their workplace. Quiet hiring enables your team to experience the following:

  1. Career Growth: Your team gets a shot at career growth without leaving the company.
  2. Skill Development: They can learn new skills and take on exciting challenges.
  3. Increased Job Satisfaction: Employees in roles that align with their skills and interests are happier and more engaged.
  4. Stability: A more stable workforce reduces turnover, benefiting everyone.


5 Steps to Embark upon your journey of quiet hiring.

If you’re new to quiet hiring, it can appear quite daunting at first. The reason being that more of the onus of hiring the right person can sits squarely on your shoulders. By following the 5 Steps for Equitable and Inclusive Quiet Hiring, will help boost your confidence and support your voyage to the green pastures of Quiet Hiring, internal growth and equitable development.

1. Define Your Ideal Candidates:

Identify the skills, experiences, and values you’re looking for. But here’s the twist: consider your existing team too. What hidden talents lie within your organization?

2. Offer Learning and Development Opportunities:

Provide training and growth opportunities for your current employees. Help them build the skills they need to step into new roles.

3. Foster Inclusivity:

Make sure your quiet hiring process is equitable and inclusive. Ensure all employees have access to growth opportunities regardless of their background or current role.

4. Internal Job Postings:

Create an internal job posting system so that everyone knows about open positions. Encourage your team to apply and let them know you value their skills.

5. Mentorship and Support:

Offer mentorship and support to employees who want to transition into new roles. Provide resources and guidance to help them succeed.


Quiet hiring is a revolution that can transform your organization from the inside out. It’s about recognizing the untapped potential within your team and giving them the chance to shine. It’s a silent symphony of growth, where everyone wins.

So, as you embark on this recruitment revolution, remember to keep it quiet – your next superstar might already be sipping coffee in the breakroom.






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