“You’re On MUTE!” will go down as the most common “work-related” phrase of 2020, as we have all learnt a lot about remote working, in a relatively short space of time and lived to tell the tale (so long as we’re not on mute!). All whilst increasing our visibility and exploring new horizons.

It could be in your face to face team event/meeting; you may not primarily be vocal, but perhaps the virtual barrier gave you a positive confidence shift?

How have you have stepped up your virtual visibility game? 

Perhaps you recorded yourself on video whilst rehearsing a presentation, assess how you came across, refined your delivery, and voila – delivered a polished and engaging presentation, worthy of a virtual visibility award!

(Incidentally, if you haven’t recorded yourself on video, give it a try – you may be surprised by what you see).

After mastering the virtual world of work, why not enter the “newish” frontier of virtual networking? Which is anything from attending team, department, company or global conferences (the latter being what I consider to be the Eldorado of networking heaven).

I know what you may be thinking “we spend enough time in online meetings, must we add on extra hours?”

Well, before you make up your mind, let me share what I consider to be worthwhile advantages of investing in the world of virtual networking.

Industry Insights

  • All industries are rapidly changing, and we need to do as much as possible to future-proof our skills and be aware of future industry trends. A great way to do this is to engage with global thought leaders and industry professionals to discuss challenges and share ideas while also raising your profile.

Enhanced Diversity of Thought within Network

  • An essential part of attending events is to NETWORK with the rich pool of talent present. By increasing your network’s diversity, you expose yourself to the diversity of thought, which adds to your brand’s unique value proposition.

New Opportunities

  • If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it has revealed in its entirety that we are indeed a global village, so it could be that one of the connections you make, nurture and build a relationship with is your future employer.

Hopefully, the above has provided you with food for thought, or perhaps you are now thoroughly convinced and want to jump straight in; here is my Virtual networking platform go-to : Hopin – you’re welcome, you can thank me later!

If you seek support to move to fall place of visibility in your career, let’s have chat and get to work!

Lọ́lá ~ Your Career Coach

A diverse group of professionals standing in a group and interacting.
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