Move The Dial – Group Career Coaching

Group Career Coaching

Move The Dial – Group Career coaching programme is for YOU if you are an “Entry/Rising talent professional” within the corporate space and you pro-actively want to OWN your career trajectory to ensure that you THRIVE in your CAREER and not SURVIVE in a job.

Still not sure?

Let’s walk through a few questions:

  • What is your career trajectory plan looking like?
  • When was the last time you updated it? Are you lacking career direction/ownership? 
  • Are you fully aware of the self-development required in order for you to progress?
  • Do you feel unsure as to why your contribution at work is not being recognised by management?
  • Do you set career goals, but lack the momentum to do the work required to achieve them?

If you’ve answered in the “negative” to some or all of these questions, then this programme is for you, because after completing the Programme, your responses would have undergone a 360 oC, as you transform from employee to the Architect of your Career!  

What Do We Cover?

The Group Career Coaching Programme is broken down into 3 core segments:

Reflect & Prepare (sessions 1&2) – In these sessions, we look at where you are, where you want to get to & why? We work to create a comprehensive career trajectory plan.

Resolve & Plan (sessions 3&4)  – In these sessions we focus on the “How” to bring your career trajectory plan to life, by creating an in-depth career development plan that aligns with your career trajectory plan.

Recognition & Pursue (sessions 5&6) – Utilisation of career development strategies and tools to increase your visibility, how to keep on track with short/medium & long term career goals & obtain the career you want.

What Do you get?
Move The Dial – Career Progression Framework – An action-orientated framework empowering you to take a proactive approach to your career development.

Career Development Resources – Access to 10+ career development resources & exercises to drive & track your career progress.

7 hours of Career Coaching – Six 1-hour high-energy group career coaching via virtual delivery over the course of 3 months + Two private 30-minute breakthrough sessions.

Accountability & Group Support – How do you best achieve goals? First by writing them down and secondly by having an accountability partner that does what it says on the tin “holds you to account”.

Lola Bejide wearing red dress and leaning against glass wallgaHow I work with my clients 

Engage, Equip & Empower – We equip you with career development tools and strategies, so you are empowered to continue your journey after the program has ended.

Encourage & Celebrate – We spur you on to move outside of your comfort zone via the setting of regular “growth goals” which support your career development strategy.

We CELEBRATE every success big & small alike!

Continuous Career Progress – We work on your career development during the sessions, and the programme is intentionally designed so that YOU work on your Career Development outside of the sessions and after the programme has ended.

We start you off, but we also ensure you have everything you need to keep going!

Our Next Move The Dial Group Career Coaching Programme commences on Wednesday 17th March 2021 @ 1930 hours GMT.

Secure your space by completing the registration form & then get ready to create & embark upon your Career progress journey!

Move The Dial -Group Career Coaching Programme

Action-orientated Career Progression Framework
£ 158
3 Monthly payments

Career Coaching that puts YOU in the Driver's seat!

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