For Students: Bring Out the Leader in You

Overview: This is the ideal workshop for educational establishments that wish to prepare and equip their learners who are about to embark upon leadership roles (prefects, head boy/head girl, school/6th form/college council) within their establishment to be both effective leaders of themselves and others.

Objective: Introduce learners (yr10-13) to varying self-leadership styles, qualities, and skills required to be an effective leader of self and others. Enable students to recognise that they already possess leadership skills/qualities and work with them to establish practical ways to positively implement them whilst conveying that the skills/qualities they currently do not have can be developed.

Benefits: Obtain a clear understanding of the varying skills and qualities required for good leadership. Students comprehend great leadership is a journey that requires both self-reflection, listening to constructive feedback, and ensuring active self-development, which translates into increased positive engagement with peers and teachers. Ultimately learners are equipped with a framework that will enable them to be effective leaders of self and others.

We seek to support the Learners of today be the confident Leaders of self and others tomorrow

We believe everyone should realise & achieve their full potential