For Organisations: Cohort Career Coaching

Cohort Career Coaching

Our cohort career coaching programme for cohorts specifically designed to provide a structured and proactive career development framework for your Entry/Rising talent.

To successfully nurture your talent pipeline, you need to get to work from the get-go; attracting talent can be seen as the relatively easy part; focus can sometimes get lost when it comes to the “retain – enable – empower” path of the journey.

Why Us

Our programmes seek to address the challenges that your early career talent frequently come up against. If not worked through, they, can become a barrier to their career progress and a blocker for them being grade-A value-added contributors within your organisation.

Our Cohort Career coaching recognises the different stages within Early Careers, and our programme is segmented to address each step and its specific challenges separately.

Cohort Delivery:

Cohorts can consist of 5-20 employees. The programme’s duration is four months.

We deliver one full-day workshop per month either on client sites or via virtual delivery.

1-2-1 1 hour career break-through sessions are available to all cohort members as an addendum. We delve deeper into how to implement strategies discussed to move the dial in their career trajectory.

Cohort members gain access to career strategy tools and templates to embed learning and track career progress

Entry Level

Introducing the core skills required to confidently and effectively step up and stand out in the corporate space.

Rising Talent

A programme for identified talent pipeline candidates

Bold Talent

A programme for employees who are on track for junior managerial promotion

Employee Engagement that makes a Difference

Our services can support you in practically making a difference!