CSR Commitments

Our founder is a double-hatted volunteer at Christians Against Poverty (CAP), an organisation with values fully aligned to Lola’s personal values and that of Soluman Consultancy. Lola is a Job Coach at a local CAP Job Club, supporting individuals seeking employment to regain self-confidence and enhance employability skills. The second volunteer role is being a Manager for CAP’s Life Skills course, enabling people on low incomes to live fuller lives by providing transformational tools to reduce/remove some of their everyday struggles.

When Lola was asked how and why she adds an additional 12-14 hours of work to an already fully packed week, the reply was simple:

How and Why

Lola Bejide

“To see someone transform from being disheartened and totally downcast to having a strong sense of hope and visions of a brighter future is phenomenal and immensely gratifying to witness, topped with sharing the good news of God’s endless love is priceless.”

Charitable Enterprises

Our Founder sits on the board of Trustees of a local Nigerian grassroots NGO; Myrtle Blessing Foundation. A Christian charity that seeks to alleviate the everyday struggles of the poor in very tangible ways that are achieved through core programmes: Project 500 – feeding 500 mouths a meal a day. Clothe the Needy via charitable donations of clothing and Educate the marginalised.

Myrtle Blessing Foundation