Cohort Career Coaching

Our cohort career coaching programme for cohorts specifically designed to provide a structured and proactive career development framework for your Entry/Rising talent.

To successfully nurture your talent pipeline, you need to get to work from the get-go; attracting talent can be seen as the relatively easy part; focus can sometimes get lost when it comes to the “retain – enable – empower” path of the journey.

Why Us

Our programmes seek to address the challenges that your early career talent frequently come up against. If not worked through, they, can become a barrier to their career progress and a blocker for them being grade-A value-added contributors within your organisation.

Our Cohort Career coaching recognises the different stages within Early Careers, and our programme is segmented to address each step and its specific challenges separately.

Entry Level

Introducing the core skills required to confidently and effectively step up and stand out in the corporate space.

Key Focus Points introduced and worked through are: 

  • Effective collaboration.

  • Executive presence.

  • Corporate value ecosystems & how to feed into them.

  • How to bring authenticity to the corporate environment.

  • Introduction to Career Development tools.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Confidently be able to present at meetings.

  • Understand the core principles of collaborative working.

  • Have a solid understanding of your organisation’s value eco-system and how to contribute towards it.

  • Provide participants with varying career development tools to enhance their career growth.

Rising Talent

A programme for identified talent pipeline candidates, the focus is upon enhanced utilisation of people skills; 

  • Managing upwards.

  • PDP planning & ownership.

  • Networking and career trajectory planning.

All of which successfully empowers members to increase their visibility and articulate their value proposition to colleagues and management.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding how to proactively engage with management.

  • Awareness of how to identify areas of development and map to self-development plan.

  • Appreciate the holistic construct of career development tools and strategies such as MSN (Mentor, Networking and Sponsor).

BOLD Talent

A programme for employees who are on track for junior managerial promotion will expand upon vital organisational skills:

  • EQ & Empathy

  • Leadership styles and how to develop your style

  • Future-proofing skills for self and others

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain a  deeper level of  understanding of vital people skills required in managerial positions.

  • Acquire insight into varying leadership styles and identifying your own style.

  • Understanding skills matrix assessments for the present and the future.


“Lola is an excellent and engaging trainer. She tailors content to her audience and uses a coaching approach to help each attendee recognise their own skills development and how to progress personally and professionally.”

Vanessa Arith, head of Work-based Learning

“Lola is an inspiring speaker and career coach to support everyone to succeed in their own career direction. Lola provides great ‘homework’ exercises to apply her advice to my own career, particularly about being persistent when asking for feedback for self-improvement..”

Rachael Frear, Partnerships & Development Manager

“Lọ́lá is a dynamic and pragmatic coach who is able to distil key information in a memorable and inspiring way. Her no-nonsense approach and actionable takeaways were a triumph.”

Tariro Masukume, Head of Membership

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