One to One Career Coaching

Our Career Strategy Coaching Programme is for individuals who actively want to move the dial in their career trajectory and would benefit from strategic career coaching to make that move happen, whilst being fully prepared to roll up their sleeves and do the required work to achieve their goal as we ensure you are held accountable!

We support early careers entry talent and rising talent to realise and achieve their full potential by mapping out a strategic career roadmap that identifies their core areas of development (professional, soft skill, leadership) that will be required to achieve their career goals.

Our tiered career coaching programme comprises of 3 packages:


Emerging Star

For new entrants (0 – 2 years experience) to the corporate workspace, we recommend our  Emerging Star offering,  comprising of either a one-off session, 3 sessions, or 6 sessions.

Key Focus Points:

  • Introducing key career development tools and strategies that are can be used throughout their career.
  • Identifying areas of development to support both improved performance and increase levels of self-confidence.
  • Formulating a Delta Assessment Plan, ensuring actions/tasks are set to address key development areas.


  • Absolute clarity on key development areas that work towards achieving long-term career goals, in the short term they enable increased visibility within the organisation.
  • The application of career development tools enables the building of meaningful relationships and the expansion of professional networks.


Rising Star Package

Ideal for individuals being placed or desire to be placed on the “talent pipeline” path, we recommend our Rising Star offering,  comprising of either a one-off session, 3 sessions, or 6 sessions.

We work with you to:

  • Develop a comprehensive 5-year career strategy plan.
  • Create a DAP (Delta Assessment Plan) ensuring all required areas of development are uncovered, addressed, and tangibly incorporated into your development plan.
  • Clearly define your value proposition and assess how that translates to value for your team/organisation.
  • Devise a quarterly Networking strategy plan to expand your network the right way.


  • A clear roadmap of your desired career trajectory including a tailored development plan, defining the what, when, and how of your career trajectory.
  • Ability to clearly define and articulate your value proposition, leading to opportunities that further demonstrate strengths, and highlight value being brought to the table.
  • Acceleration of your self-development, resulting in a noticeable increase in self-confidence.


Bold Star

Our Bold Star package is for individuals who are either on track for a managerial promotion or have already been promoted and require further support to excel in their new role. offering,  comprising of either a one-off session, 3 sessions, or 6 sessions. 

We Address:

  • A further deep-dive into core aspects of Leadership in action, pressures of leadership, and finding the “leadership style” that serves the individual and the team.
  • A tailored session to address identified soft skills that require development (e.g. Empathy, EQ, Active Listening, Resilience), or specific concerns such as Dealing with Imposter syndrome.


  • Equipped and Empowered to take on new responsibilities and challenges with a positive mindset that enables you to confidently define your leadership style using your core skills and newly developed leadership resource bank.

Career Coaching that puts YOU in the Driver's seat!

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