It can be said there is a thin line between brand inspiration and brand imitation, to the very extent, the lines can become blurred.

So how do you successfully identify the line and escape the crossover?

For example, the above image is of the infamous logos for Gucci and Chanel. Both operate in the same space; High Designer labels, both have used the intertwined initials of the house creators as the company logo, so is this inspiration or imitation?  Either way due to the strong branding of each Designer powerhouse the issue of imitation never came into question.

So back to my original question:

How do you escape the crossover from inspiration to imitation?

Below are a few tips that I used during my intrapreneur career and more recently when I started my business to use various sources of inspiration solidify my authentic brand. 

Who are you?

  • Know your core values/brand. If it helps – write them down and keep them visible.

Is there alignment between YOU and Inspiration?

  • Review the source of inspiration, examine what you like about it. How does it align with your core values (if at all)?

How best can you magnify YOUR USP?

  • What aspects would you incorporate into your core values/brand? and what specific elements of your USP would you magnify to ensure your own truth is 100% visible?

Be sure YOUR brand is still recognisable.

  • Ask for objective feedback: “has your brand been diluted?” In essence, is your brand still recognisable or has it become a second-rate imitation?

Use inspiration to push forward your innovation and become the best version of YOU and on that note. .  . .

If you want some more tips on how to unravel your unique brand, be seen, be heard and be relevant, book a session with our lead consultant today! 

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