BOLD & Inclusive Leadership Workshop

Our awareness-raising workshop for 1st level leaders

This impactful workshop enables managers to better understand varying barriers to career development for differing demographics and how to take simple, proactive steps to dismantle them. It gives them the confidence to have BOLD conversations that support the equitable career development of employees from under-represented communities.

Why this workshop?

Getting the best from your diverse talent is a two-way street.

It’s not enough for talent to step up; it also requires managers to understand the cultural barriers there may be to career development. These may not be immediately obvious, especially if you are of a different cultural background or generation to your reports.

Thankfully, once you become aware, these barriers can be removed. This workshop provides the insights needed to achieve exactly that. Often, it doesn’t require a radical overhaul of processes, just having the right conversations and taking some simple steps to create an environment where employees feel they belong and can progress. A slight change in approach can be the difference between your organisation having a ‘diversity drain’ and having a flourishing pool of diverse talent.

Coaching Content

  • Challenge Identification

  • Awareness of barriers to progressions

  • Intentional acts of inclusion

  • Courageous conversations


  • A company culture that supports all talent leads to better attraction and retention

  • Employees that feel more confident and ready to make a more significant contribution

  • Greater diversity of thought, driving smarter decision-making

  • Strengthened DE&I credentials

Delivery format

Group coaching.

Delivered onsite at client’s premises.


3-hour interactive workshop.
1-hour follow-up session is available as an addendum.


“Lólá is incredibly inspiring and makes me want to bring out the best elements of myself. To be bold in my decision-making and trust myself.”

Jessica Malone, Implementation Project Manager

“Lola helped the group think about the barriers to our success – we left energised and more determined to take our careers forward.”

Tom Wilson, Director St.Philips centre

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