BOLD & Inclusive Leadership – The Launchpad Programme

The Launchpad Programme creates a safe space for first-level leaders to be honest about their challenges, gain insight into the challenges faced by diverse team members and work through solution-focused strategies to dismantle challenges and move teams toward enhanced productivity, innovation and equitable inclusion.

Our programme will support your organisation in developing BOLD leadership in 1st line leaders by helping them successfully and equitably manage a new generation of diverse talent.

Attendees are introduced to the seven pillars of inclusivity, discussing the benefits of adoption, addressing possible tangible/intangible challenges of implementation and sourcing practical solutions they get to practice in a safe environment within the programme.

We create a non-judgmental space that enables us to address uncomfortable topics, work through them to address our biases/blocks/barriers to equitable inclusion, and move to a place of understanding and inclusive intentionality.

A person of colour wearing an orange headscarf looking at the camera, sitting on an orange sofa with yellow balloons and a palm leaf behind her.

Why this programme?

The workforce is becoming increasingly diverse, resulting in those with Line management responsibility needing to adapt to support and develop their workforce.

But how exactly do they adapt?

What aspects of leadership do they need support with?

For those who have been awarded line management responsibility early in their career, providing them with BOLD & Inclusive leadership development provides them with a framework to :

  • Confidently have courageous conversations

  • Understand the importance/utilisation of cultural competency within a global/local environment.

  • Support equitable and inclusive career progression of ALL talent.

  • Lead and develop a diverse team effectively.

Successfully leading a diverse workforce includes understanding previously overlooked cultural/social nuances. This is not the fault of team leaders because you don’t know what you don’t know, but data tells us that talent from under-represented groups has the highest attrition rate. Now is the time to support team leaders in creating equitable and inclusive cultures within their teams.

Getting the best from your diverse talent is a two-way street. It’s not enough for talent to step up; it also requires managers to understand the cultural barriers to career development. These may not be immediately obvious, especially if you are of a different cultural background or generation to your reports.

Thankfully, once you become aware, these barriers can be removed. This programme provides the insights needed to achieve exactly that. Often, it doesn’t require a radical overhaul of processes, just having the right conversations and taking some simple steps to create an environment where employees feel they belong and can progress. A slight change in approach can be the difference between your organisation having a ‘diversity drain’ and having a flourishing pool of diverse talent.

*Ethnically diverse communities/generational/neurodivergent

Programme Content

The programme is broken into five core modules:

  • Foundations of inclusion.

  • Mind the gap – Cultural/Generational competency.

  • Intentional acts of Inclusion (bias awareness, empathy, culture add not fit)

  • Creating a culture of courageous conversations.

  • Awareness of Cultural barriers to career progression.

Content can also be customised to meet your bespoke requirements.


  • 1st level leaders can effectively support and aid the development of a diverse workforce.

  • Greater diversity of thought, driving more thoughtful decision-making.

  • A company culture that equitably supports all talent leading to better attraction and retention. Laying the foundation for the organic growth of a sustainable, diverse leadership pipeline.

  • Leaders adopt management agility preparing them to support an ever-changing workforce and future-proofing leadership skills.


5 months

Delivery format

16 attendees

5 x 3-hour workshops

48 x1 hour coaching sessions (3 per attendee)


“Lola is an excellent and engaging trainer. She tailors content to her audience and uses a coaching approach to help each attendee recognise their own skills development and how to progress personally and professionally.”

Vanessa Arith, head of Work-based Learning

“Lọ́lá is a supportive, charismatic and driven advisor, with a great approach to understanding your personality and priorities! She introduced me to some new ways and structures of thinking that I found really helpful when making big decisions..”

Isabel Scavetta, Product Manager

“I had a session with Lola and found the quality of advice to be exceptional. Lola listened, questioned and provided well-informed insights into the problem. With a mixture of short and long-term solutions, a great deal of ground was covered in a relatively short space of time.”

Tolu Famosa, Scrum Master

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