BOLD & Inclusive 1-2-1 Leadership Coaching

1-2-1 coaching enables leaders who want to have a genuinely transformative impact on addressing any individual challenges faced within their leadership role.

Ideal for 1st level leaders who have recently been awarded people management responsibility, each bespoke session focuses on finding sustainable solutions that build an inclusive, equitable approach.

Why this coaching?

While many progressive businesses set clear ambitions to improve diversity, turning those good intentions into reality can prove more challenging.

In a recent survey of UK employees, over half (59%) felt their company still had more work to put their diversity and inclusion policies into practice. In comparison, 20% reported that their company hadn’t yet delivered on initiatives which had been discussed. (GetApp, 2021 survey, reported by The Diversity Trust).

And since culture comes from the top, leaders need extra support to drive change throughout their teams and the wider organisation. As a high-performing leader, you recognise that every organisation, team, and team member, is unique. One-size-fits-all leadership is no longer effective. A diverse team has diverse needs, which leaders must address to maintain motivation.

Our 1-2-1 coaching provides a supportive environment to share your specific challenges with an expert coach. Together, we will identify effective real-world solutions ready to deploy and cascade throughout your team.

Coaching content:

There is no prescribed content for these sessions, as they are highly customised by design. We will discuss the specific situation and challenges and tailor the session(s) to suit. Where relevant, this can include any of the six themes covered in our Launchpad programme:

  • Foundations of inclusion

  • Mind the gap – Cultural/Generational competency

  • Intentional acts of Inclusion (bias awareness, empathy, culture add not fit)

  • Creating a culture of courageous conversations

  • Awareness of Cultural barriers to career progression


  • Leaders can overcome obstacles in implementing a culture that supports and develops a diverse workforce.

  • An expanded toolkit of effective leadership strategies and solutions.

  • Enhanced confidence in new, unfamiliar management situations.

  • Greater diversity of thought, driving more thoughtful decision-making.

  • Leaders adopt management agility preparing them to support an ever-changing workforce and future-proofing leadership skills.


60 minutes.

Delivery format

Face-to-face / Live virtual delivery (webinar).


“Lola Bejide is a fantastic coach who has helped me develop leadership habits that I wish I had taken on years ago. The one-to-one coaching sessions really helped me double-click on what my core values are and provided practical tools to help me maintain those values in every domain of my life.

This has impacted the way I communicate with my team which is both diverse and across different regions. I now put extra time into planning so that I am clear in both my delivery and expectations. The coaching has also helped me value blocking time so that I can get ahead and lead my team effectively.

Reaffirming my core values has helped me shape my leadership style and ensure I show up as my authentic self.”

Wadé Owojori, GSMA Innovation Fund Director

“I received excellent advice at a time of immense pressure and confusion. Lola helped me to reframe the complexities at hand, quickly understanding my dilemma and helping me to drill down to the critical issues. I gained much-needed insight, perspective and clarity on what I was facing and the things I needed to take into consideration. I arrived at a decision with a balance of informed professional guidance and astute facilitation, both of which enabled me to get some distance from the “noise” that was clouding my thinking. I highly recommend Lola.”

Kathryn Dowling, Communications Manager

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