About Us

With 20 years’ experience in varying Business Management/Training roles within the Investment Banking sector, Lọ́lá identified a need to formally support entry-level talent prior to joining corporations; providing them with corporate readiness skills, EQ awareness & application, along with supporting them to develop a proactive career trajectory strategy.

It soon became evident that it would be immensely beneficial to introduce soft skills from an early age, which lead to the creation of our soft skill workshops for educational establishments, from secondary schools to universities.

As an Intrapreneur, our founder was aptly described by Senior Management as an individual who when presented with a challenging situation did not succumb to panic or suffer from a lack of vision to address the challenge, but was an architect of “Solutions Management”. The title resonated with our founder and thus when searching for a company name, Solutions Management was birthed.

Our Core Values Run Through All Our Services


Our Passion for supporting individuals to achieve their full potential within the world of work/career is the driving force behind all of our services.


We are ardent believers in Relationship Building, which is why we first get to know you in order to know how to best serve you.


Innovation is a vital element of our service creation process, once we identify the pain points of our clients we look for engaging and creative solutions that not only resolve the pain points but also encourage continued growth and development, post our service deliveries.


We see and celebrate our individual differences, recognise the richness that comes from diversity, and, understand the immense value that is derived from having diversity in its many forms at the table.


Empowering our clients to reach their full potential is at the core of what we do, our service offerings our positioned to Empower our clients to step into their greatness.

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