Soluman Consultancy was born out of a desire to move away from the “one size fits all” approach to early career / 1st level leadership development. Creating inclusive and holistic early development frameworks and supporting 1st level leaders to be equitable and inclusive in their leadership approach enables ALL entry talent to realise and achieve their full potential, resulting in organisations building organically sustainable diverse talent/leadership pipelines.

We consider that truly diverse entry talent cohorts will have a diverse range of support requirements, which some organisations need to be made aware of or have the relevant resources required to provide tailored support.

We fill that void by delivering BOLD, engaging and empowering career development/1st-level manager leadership programmes that address their pain points, provide strategic and sustainable solutions for entry-level employees, and equip managers to effectively support ALL their entry-level talent.

Our career development services support progressive organisations in building and sustaining organically diverse talent pipelines whilst embedding a culture of equitable progression opportunities within their teams. In essence, we help organisations move from talking about equitable opportunities to BEing about it!

Our BOLD & Inclusive leadership services are designed to promote and implement equitable and inclusive leadership behaviours and practices within your teams.

We do not subscribe to a one size fits all approach when creating client engagements. We first understand your pain points/desired outcome and use our expertise to create a solution that addresses pain points and provides further opportunities for developmental growth, enhanced productivity and innovation.

As an Intrapreneur, our founder was seen by Senior Leadership as an individual who, when presented with challenging situations, did not succumb to panic or suffer from a lack of vision to address the challenge but was an architect of “Solutions Management”. The title resonated with our founder; thus, when searching for a company name, Solutions Management was birthed, which is why solutions sit at the heart of our services.

Our core values run through all our services


We’re equitable opportunity evangelists, energising everyone to achieve their potential.


Every organisation, and individual, has different needs. So we always start by understanding yours.


The old ways no longer work, so our sessions draw on lived experience to connect and inspire.


In a changing world, the most diverse organisations are the most successful.


We give people the confidence to overcome imposter syndrome and feel they belong.

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