We create and deliver bold and innovative career strategy coaching & soft skill training solutions that equip and empower individuals to realise their full potential and remove self-imposed blockages or societal perceived limitations.


We believe in personable, professional engagement which is why our services are designed to specifically address our client’s pain points that provide practical solutions.

We deliver our services in full alignment with our CORE company values of Passion, Relationship-building, Innovation, Diversity, and Empowerment.


You will leave with a fresh self-development orientated mindset, as well as being equipped with tools and techniques to further develop as you progress on your career trajectory. We endeavour to provide material that will support your continued learning long after the workshop has finished.


Career Strategy Coaching


Our Career Strategy Coaching Programmes are for corporate professionals with 0 – 7 years of corporate work experience who want to move the dial in their career and proactively own their career trajectory. If you are ready to move the dial and want a no-nonsense, but fun and engaging career strategy coach . . .

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Employee Engagement

Our engaging Employee Engagement workshops are specifically designed to support the holistic progress of an organisation’s Entry and Rising Talent, whilst also driving Diversity and Empowerment within the corporate space. Ready to invest in your most important and unique resources & ensure all employees realise and achieve their full potential?

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 Educational Establishments

Our high-impact suite of Soft Skill Workshops has  specifically been designed for Educational establishments (Secondary School yr10-13, Further & Higher education) who proactively aim to equip and empower their learners to embrace their unique qualities whilst striving to be the best version of themselves both during and post their academic journey. Each delivery is carefully tailored to meet the needs of the respective audience.  

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Self Development is a Journey that starts with One Step

We would love to support, empower & equip you on your career development journey!

“Now is not the time to be MUTE!”

We have all heard the phrase “You are on MUTE!” shouted over and over again during, virtual meetings, I want to delve in to why in the wider sense, now is not the time to be MUTE but visible and heard . . .

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fresh lemons, lemonade and black woman staring contemplative

Ready to Turn Lemons into Refreshing Lemonade?

No this is not an attempt to share an old family recipe, this is how to turn what might be the bitterness of constructive criticism into developing a constructive path of self-reflection & self-leadership. All of which can be achieved in 3 easy steps . . .

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confident black afrocentric woman leaning on fence

How Authentic do you want me to be?

There is quite a bit being said about “being your authentic self at work”. Some companies put this message out there, but when employees bring their 100% authentic self to the office, they may subtlely begin to be treated differently. And then . . .

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