Professional and personable engagement Self-determination Innovative learning soft skills training company! Soluman Consultancy An innovative & dynamic training, CPD-accredited programmes & career strategy consultations We create & deliver high-impact soft skills


What We Do

We create and deliver bold and innovative soft skill training courses that equip and empower individuals so that they realise their full potential and remove self-imposed blockages or societal perceived limitations.

How We Do It

Our high-impact and engaging soft skills training, CPD-accredited programs and, strategic career coaching consultations, are delivered in full alignment with our CORE company values of Passion, Relationship-building, Innovation, Diversity, and Empowerment.

The Results

  • Desired Employability Skills
  • Agility Mindset
  • Increased Confidence
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Enhanced Self-Value
  • Self-Leadership
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Corporate Professional Development


  • Fresh thinking approach to self-development
  • Innovative Soft Skills Application
  • Professional and personable engagement
  • Bold conversations
  • Increased Sense of Self-Value
  • Self-determination


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